Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Security Systems

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing


Staff member: Prof. dr. sc. Zoran Kalafatić, Dipl. Ing.


Associate Professor
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Address: Unska 3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 6129 998
E-mail www


Zoran Kalafatić is an Associate Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, where he teaches several postgraduate (Dynamic scene analysis; Multiprocessor and parallel systems) and undergraduate courses (Digital logic; Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science; Scripting languages). His research interests are in computer vision and machine learning, with special interest in object detection, tracking and recognition. Recent research projects include diagnosing object state by multispectral image analysis and multimodal image registration; multi-agent systems for dynamic scene interpretation; theory, modeling and application of autonomy-oriented computing structures; mapping and assessing the state of traffic infrastructure. He is a member of the IEEE and he served as a member of the IEEE Croatia Section Executive Committee (2005-2008). He also actively participated in organization of 3 international conferences (ICECS 2002, MELECON 2004, EUROMICRO 2006).


Proceedings articles:

  • Bonači, Igor; Kusalić, Ivan; Kovaček, Ivan; Kalafatić, Zoran; Šegvić, Siniša. Addressing false alarms and localization inaccuracy in traffic sign detection and recognition // Proceedings of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop, 2011. 1-8.
  • Šegvić, Siniša; Brkić, Karla; Kalafatić, Zoran; Stanisavljević, Vladimir; Ševrović, Marko; Budimir, Damir; Dadić, Ivan. A computer vision assisted geoinformation inventory for traffic infrastructure // Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2010. 66-73.
  • Brkić, Karla; Šegvić, Siniša; Kalafatić, Zoran; Sikirić, Ivan; Pinz, Axel. Generative modeling of spatio-temporal traffic sign trajectories // Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2010. 25-31.
  • Bulović, Ana; Bučar, Damir; Palašek, Petar; Popović, Bojan; Trbojević, Ante; Zadrija, Lucija; Kusalić, Ivan; Brkić, Karla; Kalafatić, Zoran; Šegvić, Siniša. Streamlining collection of training samples for object detection and classification in video // Proceedings of MIPRO, 2010. 215-220.
  • Đukić, Zlatko; Kalafatić, Zoran; Otočan, Ivana. An Experiment with Saccadic Eye Movement Simulation // Proceedings of MIPRO, 2010. 182-186.
  • Martinović, Anđelo; Glavaš, Goran; Juribašić, Matko; Sutić, Davor; Kalafatić Zoran. Real-time Detection and Recognition of Traffic Signs // Proceedings of MIPRO, 2010. 247-252.
  • Šegvić, Siniša; Brkić, Karla; Kalafatić, Zoran; Stanisavljević, Vladimir; Budimir, Damir; Dadić, Ivan. Towards automatic assessment and mapping of traffic infrastructure by adding vision capabilities to a geoinformation inventory // Proceedings of MIPRO, 2009. 276-281.
  • Suhina, Vanja; Groš, Stjepan; Kalafatić, Zoran. Detecting Vulnerabilities in Web Applications by Clustering Web Pages // Proceedings of MIPRO, 2008. 75-78.
  • Senji, Ivan; Kalafatić, Zoran. Tracking Objects Using Particle Filters // Proceedings ELMAR, 2007. 31-34.
  • Journal articles:

    • Šegvić, Siniša; Brkić, Karla; Kalafatić, Zoran; Pinz, Axel. Exploiting temporal and spatial constraints in traffic sign detection from a moving vehicle. // Machine Vision and Applications. Accepted for publication.
    • Brkić, Karla; Pinz, Axel; Šegvić, Siniša; Kalafatić, Zoran. Histogram-Based Description of Local Space-Time Appearance. // Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 6688 (2011) ; 206-217.
    • Hrkać, Tomislav; Kalafatić, Zoran; Krapac, Josip. Infrared-Visual Image Registration Based on Corners and Hausdorff Distance. // Lecture notes in Computer Science : Image Analysis. 4522 (2007) ; 383-392.
    • Sertić, Hrvoje; Kalafatić, Zoran. Generic Software Component as a Foundation for Computer Vision Systems. // WSEAS Transactions on Computers. 5 (2006) , 11; 2615-2762.
    • Kalafatić, Zoran; Ribarić, Slobodan. A Module for Automated Generation of Planar Object Descriptions. // CIT. 4 (1996) , 1; 53-61.

    Please note: a more complete publication list can be accessed at CROSBI bibliography database.

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