Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Security Systems

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing


Laboratory head: Prof Dr. Sc. Sloobodan Ribarić, Dipl. Ing.


Full Professor
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Address: Unska 3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +38516129952


Dr. Slobodan Ribarić is a Full Professor at the Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. His research interests include Pattern Recognition, Computer Architecture, and Biometrics. He has published more than one hundred and forty papers on these topics, he is author of six books and co-author of one (An Introduction to Pattern Recognition). Professor Ribarić was involved in COST Action 275 “Biometrics on the Internet” and Network of Excellence FP6 “Biosecure”. He was a leader of Working group 2 of COST Action 2101 “Biometrics for Identity Documents and Smart Cards”. Ribarić is a member of IEEE and MIPRO.



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